At Sardinia Local Tours (SA.L.T.), we are passionate and enthusiastic about Sardinia and we are thrilled to s_Collagehare the experiences and the emotions that this island has to offer; its delicious food and wines, its beaches and mountains, its ancient and rich culture, and of course its wonderful people.

We simply aim to give you a real “do what the locals do” experience: a priceless, fullfilling, exclusive adventure that forges memories that last a lifetime.
Sardinia Local Tours is the meeting place for the two homes divided in our hearts: Sardinia and Australia!

Since we first moved to Australia in 2011, we have had the desire to connect these two beautiful and so different places; and this year we are proud to finally present our tours to you.

We’d like you to think of us as your 360 degrees Sardinia experts, allowing us to introduce you the unknown island of Sardinia!

Come with us to an unforgettable journey, where you will immerse yourself in a unique experience, away from mass tourism, off the beaten track.

Let yourself be seduced by this magnificent and mysterious island whose wild soul will steal your heart.

Put some SA.L.T. to your next holiday and fall in love for Sardinia.


Margherita and Stefano