Our tour

TOUR2018When we talk about home our eyes always get shiny. It is impossible to describe with words the feelings we have every time we go back, see our family and friends, visit a new place for the first time or see another one with different eyes, because your prospective changes after you have lived for many years in Australia; you are a tourist in your home land, everything becomes more astonishing when you have been away for so long. cropped-bosa1.jpg

Escape from Melbourne’s winter for a Sardinian summer is priceless, the beautiful beaches, the sunset, the delicious food and wine, the warmth and I’m not talking just about the weather, it is a feeling that we get every time we are back in Sardinia!

We will love to make you feel how we feel, we want you to feel like home to learn about our traditions, our food, to meet our family and have dinner with them, we want to take you to a journey that you won’t forget.

We are sure that you will feel in love at first sight!


Margherita & Stefano

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