Tour 21-30 June 2018

We finally booked the tickets to go back home! We are so excited and our families are the same! They can’t wait to see us again, they are going to spoil us so much especially with food !!! Probably they have already start cooking… pasta, mushrooms 🍄, snails 🐌, seafood and home made wine. I’m craving all those things while I’m writing… One of the things I like the most are sea urchins… pasta with sea urchin or Porcini mushroom what a dream!!!

Porcini and Ovuli mushroom
Porcini and Ovuli mushroom

Yesterday during a Skype call they were deciding what to cook for the “dinner with family” during the tour. One of the options was lamb with wild artichokes, or the suckling pig ” su proceddu”.

There are so many thinks we will love you to try, that it is too hard to choose, we are going to pick our favorites! (There will be a bit of debate about it).


The other amazing thing is that every town has is own peculiarity in terms of food and tradition. Exploring Sardinia during our tour is also about discovering those diversity,  away from the mass tourism, eating with the locals, immersing yourself into an ancient Island that is part of Italy but it also preserve its own identity in terms of culture, food, wine and language; relaxing in some of the most beautiful beaches that you have ever seen, enjoy the sunshine and the sunset.


We can keep talking about Sardinia and our tour forever, but we think the best think to do is travel with us and and put some SA.L.T on your next holiday in Europe.





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