Where are you from?!

So, where are you from? Asked a curious lady, confused by my accent!

I giggled while an unstoppable smile get through my face, I said:- “I am from Italy!”

She goes:- “Ah beautiful, but what part of Italy?”

I know that my answer is gonna cause two types of reaction, most of people in Australia have been on holidays in Italy but they had never been in Sardinia or they might have Italian friends with Sicilian or Calabrese background, so they are familiar with these parts of Italy! It’s either you know where it is or you have absolutely no idea πŸ™‚ Sardinia is still a little unknown, so I cautiously reply:- “from Sardinia!”

She rolls her eyes up and down, right and left, looking a bit confused she finally says:- “ah yeah, down the bottom!”


It was exactly the reaction that I was expecting, unfortunately the one we always hear, so I tried to explain where I am from.

South Sardinia beach
South Sardinia beach

The more I talked about Sardinia, the more she got excited; I can’t stop talking about how amazing the beaches are, the food, the wine, the slow pace lifestyle, the history, the people… and when I show her pictures of Sardinia on my phone she goes:-“are these real pictures?! are the waters really that clear and the beaches like that? it’s beautiful!”

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Then she look me in the eyes and say:-“What are you doing here in Australia?! you should live there!”

Traditional biscotti
Home made biscotti

Truth is, I don’t have an answer for this question! We have now two places that we call home, Australia and Sardinia! We have amazing memories, family and great friends in both places and we have not intention to give up any of those!


After so many of these conversation, we realize that it was time to create a “bridge” between Australia and Sardinia. Connect these two places, share our home with our friends.

Tramonto Torre dei Corsari
Tramonto Torre dei Corsari – Sun set Torre dei Corsari

Sardinia Local Tours represent all those feelings and experiences in one thing. It’s watch the sunset on the west coast, it’s enjoy a glass of homemade wine at my dad’s house, it’s eating the pasta that nonna always used to cook for me, it’s discover the history of this mysterious island, it’s breathe its wild soul but most important, it’s the opportunity to share it with you.

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5 thoughts on “Where are you from?!

  1. Nice story! But Sardinia is still better known than my whole country. Slovakia. Nobody knows where it is (neither in Europe) and if anybody thinks he knows it, it’s either Slovenia or he’s surprised it’s in Europe. πŸ™‚ Anyway you live in two wonderful places! I tried to live and work in Sicily for few months and it was also amazing adventure I’ll never forget. πŸ™‚


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