2018 Wrap up. Bring on summer 2019

Here we are!


First of all, sorry if we just disappeared for a while, but as you know (if you follow us on facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/Sardinia-Local-Tours-1619675401458808/?ref=bookmarksand Instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/sardinialocaltours we have been pretty busy in the island! This is, in fact, the end of two fantastic months spent in Sardinia! Sob!



We are leaving with tears in our eyes and unfortunately we can’t do much about it! What we can do, though, is to get ready for the next Tour in 2019! Trust us, there is nothing like Sardinia!
Indeed, Sardinia Local Tour is getting ready for next italian summer holiday and so you should! Yeeeaahy!!



As I mentioned earlier on, we have been very busy, we ended up doing not just one, but three tours. It has been an amazing experience fulfilled with smiles, sun, food…a lot of food!laughs, beautiful beaches and sunset and wonderful memories that will stay forever.
Sardinia is never disappointing!



There is a special vibe on this island that is absolutely worth experience and breathe. We wouldn’t be prouder to be Sardinians and share all this with you.



We want to thank all the guests (who became friends) who travel with Sardinia Local Tours this year and we know we’ll have more stories and memories to share next year.
So DO NOT waste your time and keep an eye for 2019 date and details.
Email us at: info@sardinialocaltours.com.au

Stefano and Margherita

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