Margherita & Stefano
Margherita & Stefano – Sardinia Local Tours


SA.L.T.’s people

Margherita and Stefano are a married couple from Sardinia, who have been living in Melbourne since 2011.

During their Australian experience they realized that, although so many people had heard of Sardinia, so many of them had never actually been. This was enough to trigger the creation process of SA.L.T.

The desire to show and share their land with Australian friends, combined with their University education in Tourism and Business Management and the experience gained in hospitality industry over the years, both in Italy and Australia, have given the decisive impetus to the realization of this project.

Margherita is a qualified sommelier and currently working at the City Wine Shop while Stefano works as a cafe manager and part-time fitness coach.

Margherita & Stefano - Sardinia Local Tours
Margherita & Stefano – Sardinia Local Tours

Their passion for travel and adventure, food and good wine adds the ultimate touch to the tours of SA.L.T.

The tours, in fact, represent the adventurous and courageous soul of Margherita and Stefano who years ago decided to leave everything behind to move down under.

Today SA.L.T. is, for them, a new challenge and for you, simply the best, most unique and exclusive way to enjoy the true Sardinia.


About the logo… Su Ballu Tundu (circular dance)

Sardinia Local Tours logo
Sardinia Local Tours logo

Our logo represents a man and a woman dancing “Su Ballu Tundu”.

The dance, since primitive times, has played a key role in the life of the individual and communities highlighting the most important moments. It belonged to everyone and everyone could participate, it was a source of joy and through it marked the most important moments of community life: births, marriages, the festivities for example.

Everyone participate regardless of their technical qualities of the dance and the common people did not consider this practice offensive or scandalous.

The “ballu tundu” is the most popular dance among the various Sardinian dances and its characteristics are: the circularity, the flicker, the composure, the cries of joy.

The dance unfolds with flickering movements. It is supposed that the flicker is a rhythmic movement of purification, propitiatory and this triumph over the melody. Anthropological studies see in the circular dance a cultural manifestation of the oldest folk tradition tied to magic-ritual forms.*

*source: gounesco.com