2018 Wrap up. Bring on summer 2019

Here we are! First of all, sorry if we just disappeared for a while, but as you know (if you follow us on facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/Sardinia-Local-Tours-1619675401458808/?ref=bookmarksand Instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/sardinialocaltours we have been pretty busy in the island! This is, in fact, the end of two fantastic months spent in Sardinia! Sob!     We are leaving … More 2018 Wrap up. Bring on summer 2019

Where are you from?!

So, where are you from? Asked a curious lady, confused by my accent! I giggled while an unstoppable smile get through my face, I said:- “I am from Italy!” She goes:- “Ah beautiful, but what part of Italy?” I know that my answer is gonna cause two types of reaction, most of people in Australia … More Where are you from?!