What a privilege!

In these times of world wide hotel chains, mass produced food and global brands, a lot of us are becoming jaded by this mass market.


So if this is you and you need a step away from big billboards, joyless service and homogenized food, meet Stefano and Margherita of Sardinian Local Tours, who are presenting an offering that is the antithesis of all of the above.


My 12 days in Sardinia were a revelation for I experienced pastimes that have been indelibly etched into my life long memory.


I being a food and wine enthusiast found a kindred spirit in Margherita who organised almost daily winery tours.  Food,  whether a trip to the local fish shop to purchase  live eels to be cooked that evening by her brother in laws or undertaking cooking classes and explaining the traditions of Sardinian food was a privilege.


Stefano has a great connection to the history of his beautiful island and  it’s inhabitants.  Visiting a large number of the Sardinian beaches made me realize how important the Mediterranean is to this island and Stefano’s insights into this state of mind would not have been possible as a solo traveller or a member of a large packaged tour group.



So I’ve left Sardinia with a great fondness for this island which is largely due to these two delightful souls.  I cannot recommend highly enough the competence, affability and professionalism of Stefano and Margherita.

Thank you so very much.